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Mark Erdos

Thanks Miles. Good to know.


It doesn’t surprise me that it is less than the Jackline policy. I recently shopped insurance and found Jackline to be the absolute highest rates. They were about 30% higher from the next highest quote. Also, they required a full out of water survey (not an evaluation survey) and complete rigging inspection adding substantially to the initial cost of the policy. Also, the policy was due 100% up front and 70% of it was non-refundable.


I remained with Topsail. I was with Y-Yacht that merged with Topsail last year. As an OCC member, I get a 10% discount on the premium as Topsail is the preferred agency for the OCC group.



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Hi Kent and Mark,


The underwriter is Travelers.  The policy is significantly less than Jackline, but mine only covers the US east coast and the Caribbean (including Bermuda.   


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