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I had tis problem on Bali Hai SM 319. The flap valves in the bilge
pump are
or were a simple piece of rubber or plastic. The reason why the
occured was that I sometimes used the bilge pump on manual and the
is to eventually pump air through the pump so that there is no water
resting on top of the flaps to hold them shut. The moral is to avoid
manual option as the foot of the Electric pump is not at the bottom
of the
sump. To totally drain the sump use the manual pump which does go
down to
the bottom.
The manufacturers have now improved the flaps by increasing the
where it matters to aid gravity and perhaps avoid the flap curling
when there is no water above it. I got some of these new flaps in a
kit ( which was ridiculously expensive) but have not had to install
ever since I stopped using the manual option about a year ago.
I suppose there wouyld be no problem if the manufacturers copied the
in Whale/Henderson pumps which are made with a metal insert to solve

Happy manual pumping ! John Hollamby
It is a good explanation, but I had never used the manual on switch
for the electric pump. I was and still am pumping the bilge "dry"
almost every day with the hand pump.

Jim Wiggin

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