Re: asymmetrical spinnaker

Alan Leslie

Hi All,

Sorry, I don't have any pictures. I haven't been on Elyse since March 2020.
We don't have a furler for our asymetrical spinnaker, we have a hoop and sock for dousing it.
The whole assembly like a sausage is hauled up with the halyard. Then there is a continuous line that is used to hoist the hoop and sock to the top of the halyard and the sail comes out. Dropping it is the reverse. Run off with the main out so the sail collapses in front of it, pull down the hoop and sock, lower the sausage with the halyard.
When we had a code zero type sail it was on a furler on it's own stay. The top end had a swivel to attach to the spinnaker halyard, which was hoisted with the halyard and then unfurled - it was simple arrangement.

Elyse Sm437

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