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Patrick McAneny

I removed mine probably ten years ago to send it out to have it coated by Color Wheels ,a vinyl coating that has held up very well and still looks new. As to getting the wheel off, it took a lot of force to get it off. If I remember correctly I put stainless hose clamps around the spokes and used a prop puller to apply the force necessary to get it off. It took much more force and time than I expected to get it to pop off. I think I would now use deneema line instead of clamps ,if I removed it again .
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is there easy way to remove the steering wheel on SM. I have removed the part with Henry Amel signature, and removed the screw. From here I do not know as the wheel is firm in place. I do not what break anything so advice will be helpful. Wheel will be send to company that will put new leather  cover.
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