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Eric Freedman

Hi Paolo,
We have been using this setup for 18 years without any problem
I like it a lot as it is in cleaner air and is very strong.
My gennaker is 1 1/2 oz material and we can fly it in 25 knots true.
When I first received Kimberlite we hooked up the gennaker to the anchor roller we wound up
bending part of it in about 20 knots. We had that sail up that time for 7 days straight in the trade winds from Europe.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

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Your solution of a short removable bowsprit is sound and well proven, no question about that, and I much respect it. Mine is only a matter of a personal preference, and I took a little bit of a chance trying something of which, at least in my area, there was no .previous reference. Fortunately everything went well and I’ll put some photos on my next post Bests Paolo SM 454 Whisper

Inviato da iPad

Paolo Cuneo
SM 454 Whisper

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