Re: Speedi-Sleeve for Bowthruster shaft

Peter de Groot

Hi Paul,
I installed a custom bronze Speedi-sleeve about a year ago. sav-amel was shut down for Covid. I had 30mm seals left onboard from the previous owner. The 29mm FRP amel shaft had some wear marks and it was not perfectly round. The sleeve made sense.

My caution would be to pay attention to the insertion tool. My sleeve went on a little tight, but ultimately seated well thanks to the insertion tool getting it there without distortion . I used RTV behind the sleeve but as you can imagine most of it got wiped off during the insertion process

I’m curious what it will look like at the next service.
In the meantime SAV reopened and I purchased the Amel components

Peter de Groot
LaQuerida SM207
Barra de Navidad, Mexico

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