Re: Original inverter on SM 2000

Stephan Regulinski

All, when we bought SM 303 “Delos” new in 2000, it had a “convertisseur” factory installed in the engine room with a switch below the speaker in the galley. We did not supply this inverter, it was either standard equipment or a standard option. I recall it being of European, if not French manufacture. It was wired to all outlets, and powerful enough to run the microwave as long as you didn’t try to use the grilling element. I believe it was 1200 watts, but am not sure. 

We eventually sold Delos (to some guy who makes YouTube videos) and later bought SM 266 “Hanalei” which also had a factory installed convertisseur, but this was wired to separate outlets that were placed in the galley, both heads and the nav station, above and below the chart table. However, Hanalei is unusual in many regards, not the least of which is:

Unretouched photo of fiberglass locker lids that aren’t blue!

Anyway, Hanalei has a 1200 watt Solo inverter:

I believe this is the same as originally on Delos.

However, all of this equipment, on our boat and all other SMs of similar vintage, is now 20ish years old and either has been or needs to be replaced. Our Solo inverter recently announced that it would no longer cooperate with us and attempts to negotiate a temporary operation agreement have been only marginally successful. Sigh. 


So, thanks to all you who have posted detailed descriptions of your experience with installing new, and more modern inverters.

Stephan G. Regulinski SM 266

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