group purchase of 10 or more Ultramarine anchors. (35 and 45kg)

Hello AMEL owners .....Since I have CottonBay (Super Maramu 2000 hull number 316) I find that the boat at anchor skids too easily.....
On this forum I am not the only one to think that the original anchor (articulated) is not terrible. I will therefore replace it with an Ultra Marine anchor of 35 or 45kg which on this forum gives great satisfaction.
The company Ultra Marine offers me a particularly attractive price for a group purchase of 10 anchors.

If you are interested in this anchor, I suggest you join this group purchase on http: //

I specify that the commercial relationship will be between you and Ultramarine, I am only offering this possibility of group purchase here.


Jean Luc Mertz

CottonBay SM 3156

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