Re: Rudder Stuffing Box Packing Material

Stephan Regulinski

Paul, et al.,

Great thread! And very timely: I just found 8 ozs of water in area next to rudder post.  We are just about to depart Panama for the US. What to do?

1. Leave repair until I return in six (ish) months, which gives me time to get a Palmetto tool, sched 80 plastic pipe, packing material, etc.; or,

2. Stop press, change flight dates and do repair now using locally sourced materials and tools.

S/V Hanalei is vintage 1999, so the stuffing material will be old. When we depart, she will be in a marina under watchful eye of experienced mechanic, and boat caretaker.

Has anyone had success with tightening the packing nut on old packing material?

Thanks in advance for thoughts.

Stephan G. Regulinski 
S/V Hanalei SM #266

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