Re: Another secret question...

Stephan Regulinski

I should be working on the rudder packing gland . . . but . . .

Instead, I made a list of over two dozen places to hide objects which could then only be found by a dog or an experienced Amel owner, but can be retrieved by the person who knows where to look in under a minute.

My list doesn’t include hiding things in plane sight, like slipping an iPad between books on a shelf, or putting spare cash in the trash can under the plastic liner.

I am with Mark on the question of theft. Thieves want an easy kill, so leave a couple of twenties on the chart table, and stow the “valuables” out of sight. The thief will have more cash in pocket than he’ll get from pawning your used stuff, and you’ll be spared the much greater expense of replacing it (think: cell phone, iPad, binoculars, or VHF radio).

Just a thought . . . Now everyone back to work . . . And would someone please look at my questions on the rudder packing gland?


Stephan G. Regulinski 
S/V Hanalei SM266


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