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Hi all, and Bill. I agree with Bill about the battens.

However at risk of irritating you by repeating myself I will again mention the stiffness and strain put on the furler motors, gearboxes and foil by salt buildup in the bearings of the swivel at the top of the sails. I think every one has experienced stiffness in the manually operated mizzen furler. In my case so much so I feared damage. Now having rinsed both the gear box and the swivel with fresh water, allowed to dry and then applied silicone spray the mizzen only needs the locking pin removed and it self launches with just the pressure of wind. If the winch handle was left in place severe personal damage could occur by its rapid spinning. Because the mainsail and headsail are motor driven we don.t feel the strain but see it in foil damage. On the SM this is seen in the elongation of the holes connecting the foil to the gearbox. I lower all the sails periodically and rinse the swivels with a hose of fresh water. Furling the mainsail in a breeze is very noticeably easier after this is done.

Bare with me when I repeat that on a previous yacht, in the middle of a 1200 mile ocean passage the headsail swivel became totally jammed with salt encrustation  and we had to physically unwrap the sail before we could lower it. Once the salt was washed out it was fine.



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Many people never recognize the extra strain on the furling motor caused directly or indirectly by the battens. In my experience, the issue at the collar of the foil is almost always caused by the battens. It can be mitigated by carefully and properly furling the sail. However, when sudden weather conditions occur, the same careful and proper furling is usually "gone with the wind." 

I am a believer in preparing a cruising boat to mitigate the problems with sudden and unplanned conditions, especially when those conditions might occur 1000 miles from shore.

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On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 4:32 AM Scott SV Tengah < Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:
That's very helpful Arno. Thank you.

On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 6:19 PM Arno Luijten < arno.luijten@...> wrote:
Hi Scott,

I made a quick sketch with all information required.





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