If you joined our group to learn more about Amels and find your own Amel #IMPORTANT


All that have joined our group to learn more about Amels and find your own Amel,

Saturday 10 April 2021 our group will have a ZOOM presentation designed just for you. One of our members and 3 times Amel ower of SMs and an A-54 will make a presentation titled "How to work with a broker to Buy or Sell your Amel."

Joel Potter is known to many of us as the Amel broker in the Americas. Joel has owned 2 Super Maramus, 1 Amel 54 and has sold more Amels than anyone I know in Europe or anywhere else. Although I have not seen Joel's presentation, he has promised to share a few inside TIPS on how to work with a broker if you are a Buyer and/or Seller. If you own an Amel, sadly someday you will be selling her. This meeting is certainly worth your time.

Please sign up for this meeting: https://amelyachtowners.groups.io/g/main/viewevent?eventid=1101906

Do not worry if you have no experience with ZOOM. If you follow the zoom link below your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC will automatically load ZOOM. Also, clicking on the link below will place you in the ZOOM meeting automatically. It is very easy. 

Date and Time:

Amel Yacht Owners' Group April Gathering: Time: Apr 10, 2021 20:00 GMT

The zoom link is: 

To Join the Zoom Meeting, click on this link. Even if you do not have ZOOM loaded on your device, this link will guide you through the process.



You do not need the following if you use the link above
Meeting ID: 833 2815 4757 
Passcode: 550827


You can also view the meeting with YouTube either during the meeting or afterward.
YouTube link is:

 Please RSVP Here: https://amelyachtowners.groups.io/g/main/viewevent?eventid=1101906
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