Re: Eumenia Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Gary Silver

Hi Dan:  

I recently had similar symptoms on our dishwasher  (SM 335), fixed it to sell the boat.  It indeed was a smoked capacitor on the pump motor.  My experience is that any electrical problem aboard the boat is that any capacitor in the circuit has failed unless proven otherwise.  

Access was by removing the gimbled stove and the crash bar in front of it, removing the Amel cabinetry panel on the forward face of the dishwasher (4 screws as I recall), removing the metal panel on the forward face of the dishwasher (several sheet metal screws), and removing two sheet metal screws on the port side of the bottom panel to allow that panel to drop down somewhat so my hand could reach to the outboard (port) aft side of the enclosure to access the capacitor.  The capacitor is in the far back of the outboard side of the housing below the washer vessel.   It is a stud mount, 5 microfarad 470 VAC  that I obtained from Mouser Electronics (2 including shipping to Puerto Rico for $21 in 2020)
 Thereafter everything worked like a charm. 

Hope this helps 
Gary S. Silver, M.D.
Former owner of s/v Liahona  Amel SM 335    Owned from new in 2001 until Dec 2020 

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