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Hans-Joerg Wildhagen

Hi Mark
Thanks for the response.
Hope you and your wife are well in Tahiti.
The engine doesn't crank.
I turn the key to position 1.
The leds flashing around and the ventilator starts.
When all LEDs are out I turn the key to position 3 and nothing is happen. The ventilator stopps too.
BR Hans

Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> schrieb am Mo., 5. Apr. 2021, 15:54:



When you say it doesn’t start, can you be more specific. It doesn’t crank or it cranks and will not fire?



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Hello, looking for some troubleshooting tips for my Volvo penta on my 55#13


After replacing the starter battery the engine doesn't start. May be my last try to start the engine with the old starter battery was damaging the pcu. I measure at pin B32 only 10.5 Volt. All the relays and fuses are ok.


In the engine room I find a box 12 and 24 Volt with Murphy Relais. I think this is for the two alternators.


Any help is very much appreciated.



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