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Hi Matt,


Sourcing the wood is not difficult. African Mahogany is used in furniture building and by wood hobbyists. There are online stores such as or retail outlets like


I had difficulty finding it in the thickness I wanted. Since I do not own a planer, I wanted it to be as close as possible to the desired thickness: 3/8” or 10mm. I found that most of the managers at the wood hobby shops are die-hard woodworkers. For a small fee, one offered to plane the plank I purchased to the thickness.


For the coloring, it is trial and error. If you mess up, no big deal, give it a good sand and try again. Best to have a couple of waste pieces to get the technique down. Here are the products I used:



You will need to feather the stain. Add dark streaks first (red mahogany) to match the Amel grain, and wipe away excess quickly. Then, use a gold or pecan to bring out the lighter side. Blend stains if needed.  Finish with semi-gloss polyurethane.




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You have inspired me.  My panels look like Swiss cheese right now, while I figure out a solution.  

What was your process for stain matching?
Did you source your African Mahogany in the US? Source?

Thank you for the sharing.  Beautiful work.

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