Best Video projector for SMs

Brian Riggs

Hello Amel SM 2000 Owners,

Since I am only an Amel hopeful in the next few short years, I almost never post. I do however read everything you post.

While I am still bound to the land, I'm interested in purchasing a video projector that will work for both the house and the yacht. In the SM2000, there is a small storage area directly above the two drawers at the center of the dinette port side where the projector could me placed to aim at a retractable screen hung over the settee to starboard. I My questen are as follows:

1. What is the length, height and depth of the little storage area above the two drawers above and port of the dinette?
2. As owners, what are your thoughts about this? Have you found other solutions better than this plan? (I specifically don't want to mount a television to the bulkhead wall.)

I appreciate any feedback you may have.

Very respectfully,
Brian K. Riggs
Future Amel Owner

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