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Unfortunately, I’ve had way too much experience with this task and I have found that better than pliers/spanners, or even chain wrenches, are the cheapie “oil filter” type rubber belt wrenches as they don’t mar up the fitting and the small amount of give that they have actually seems to help loosen the joint.  Best of all, they fit really easily into very tight spaces.  I have bought quite a few different types of wrenches (from huge channel lock spanners, to pipe wrenches to chain wrenches over the years but to get into some really tight spaces and these are the ones I keep in my portable plumbing toolbox now as I haven’t found big nuts/valves that I couldn’t loosen with them.  The price is right too ($5).  They also work well for oil filters!

I have had a few fittings that I really had to jump on to get off, and in those instances (before I thought to try these), I used a chain version of these but find that they don’t fit into as tight spaces, so I leave them on the wall rack in my workshop.



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Hi Alain,

Yes I do. Not a plesant memory I can say. You will need to find a tool (pliers/spanner) that can give you some leverage to turn the old valve off. I removed the lever first to use the remaining stub to get some grip on the old valve. Long arms are very welcome. And you will get bruises that are somewhat painfull.
I used Locktite Thread sealant to mount the new one. The tread is a straight thread. Try to get a bronze valve if you can. That can be very hard as not many shops sell them.

Just expect a struggle getting the old one off. You may be lucky and get it off more easy then I did. Do not forget to clean the threads with a wire-brush before putting on the new one.

Good luck!

Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

Brent Cameron

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