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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Bob

Good to hear from you, and we trust you are doing well. I remember that Easter Sunday in 2019 very well when we chatted at Bequia. We had decided last minute on waking up that day not to spend another season in the Caribbean, and to sail directly to Panama departing that same day as it enabled us to transit the canal still in early May, plus sail all the Pacific Islands which we had not sailed before, plus still make it all the way back to Australia before COVID struck.

In answer to your question, we did not ever actually need all the extra 200L of fuel but always had emptied all of it into our tank before reaching our destinations. 

Please note we only filled those Jerry cans ahead of our longer trips and before spending 4 months in Indonesia (just in case) so 90% of the time they were empty on board in the locker and cleaned & dried out. Since we spent 4 months in Indonesia in many off the beaten tracks remote locations, where fuel was often black in colour, full of sticks, hairs and lots of dirt, and sold in old coke bottles on the side of the road from very dodgy suppliers we also filled all cans with good clean fuel in Australia, and so needed very little fuel all the way through till Singapore.

Having endured fuel issues on a previous yacht in Sydney Harbour and then almost been swept into a major car bridge in swift-running currents due to a fuel-related engine failure at the most difficult moment possible, I had become extremely cautious regarding fuel and so had fitted both dual Racor filters PLUS a large Fuel Polishing Unit ahead of leaving on our around the world trip. In addition, we also carried a portable WestMarine fuel filter and filtered all fuel when pouring from Jerry Cans into the main tanks, and then also periodically ran our large automatic fuel polisher to turn over all fuel in the main tank. This could rightly be seen by many here as overkill, however, that extra precaution, plus over-servicing the engine myself with good quality oils far more often than the engine manual suggested,  helped Lauren and I sleep better fortunately our little Yanmar 75HP always purred away happily all the way around the world never missing a beat.

Although we didn't ever need all that fuel I would do exactly the same again if we ever do another big lap.


Colin Streeter
ex Island Pearl II

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Hi Colin,
Last saw you as you were in your dinghy hanging onto our rail in Bequia to inform me of your decision to immediately move on through The Canal back to Austrailia. 

Just curious--even though you transfer from the cans to the tank when you can--by your calculations, did you ever need the extra fuel you carried?

Bob, KAIMI SM429

Colin Streeter
0411 016 445

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