Re: Best Video projector for SMs

Brian Riggs

Thank you to all who have replied so far!

Scott, I do remember your setup aboard Tengah, and that's what really started me thinking about purchasing something that would work for both. I thought this sounded fun from the first day I saw it.

Kent, I'm really interested in what your finished project looks like. If you're aboard KRISTY, would you be able to provide measurements of the opening including the depth?

Robert, I'll search into Miroir projectors.

Jose, good point about focal length of the lens. This was something I was planning to estimate with a throw of somewhere in the +/-10 to 11 feet range. The plan has been to incorporate audio into the house system. Audio is actually my strength. I'm no stranger to large venue concerts from an audio engineering perspective.

Very respectfully,
Brian K. Riggs
Future Amel Owner

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