Re: New price for group purchase of 10 or more Ultramarine anchors. (35 and 45kg)

Super Ulrich ...

Very happy and fair winds ....

Jean Luc

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Le 08/04/2021 à 15:13, Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer a écrit :
Cher Jean-Luc

Merci beaucoup!!!
Thanks for your efforts i just bought a 45kg Ultra with Kris.
Great Price and custumer treatment. Highly recommended and very appreciated.

Best Regards and stay safe.
Whats the next deal with you??
Furuno bundle or Cromox chain or....
Would be a great idea to strife for bundle bargains for Forum members. Discounts in the Carribean are not the best war for us in Europe.

„Soleil Bleu“ A54#088.

Am 08.04.2021 um 14:01 schrieb jlm@...:

Good news !

The price of the 35kg  UltraMarine anchor has changed! ...

If you are interested in this anchor, I suggest you join this group purchase on http: //

I specify that the commercial relationship will be between you and Ultramarine, I am only offering this possibility of group purchase here.


Jean Luc Mertz

CottonBay SM 3156

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