Re: White plastic "tube" standing rigging protection?

Alexander Hofmann

Hi Bob and Rob!


This remembers me to the days, before I left La Rochelle after 3 years after buying my ship. As a proud and happy Amel owner I wanted to have the standing rigging in ‘bright shiny white’ as the ship.


Now, almost 5 years later, I am really happy that all of this plastic nonsense has been removed by myself, by various riggers – or has just fallen off, for 2 important reasons:


  1. I am a sailor, a diver and an ocean lover, with respect for all the creatures in the water. They eat the small plastic parts from the rotten plastic rigging protection, and a lot starve and die from it. The small pieces are the worst, because they are swallowed by little fish and often fully block their digestion fully. I did not manage to get this stuff off without loads of parts fallen into the sea, although I really tried hardly.


  1. In between the shiny white plastic covers and the standing rigging you accumulate moisture, as well as any kind of dirt, which does not leave and leads to earlier corrosion. I am an engineer, specialized in material science, and corrosion protection made out my career as an entrepreneur, bringing environmental protection, sustainability and economic success together. My ship is still in Lanzarote, some 80 nm from Africa, and often in the ‘Calima’ wind which carries incredible amounts of sand with it. To this interesting mixture of corrosion stimulant on our standing rigging, we all add constantly a bit of sea water salt, without any chance to get washed off or dried. What we create is a wonderful corrosive media. This is not the road to success.


Never in my life – and the life of my ship – I will mount anymore this nonsense plastic covers.


I have installed a Kärcher K2 fixed in the cockpit locker with a high pressure tube for reaching the bow and the stern fully. Also I have a long prolongation tube, I can reach the main mast top with it. In the light of my explanations above you might understand why I have taken it onboard!


All the best, fair winds


Alexander Hofmann, SY Oceanica I, Amel54#156




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