Recommendations for a Med Refit for Amel Maramu

Steve Hoefel

   For the past 19 years it has been my honor to care for a true Amel classic, Maramu #25.  She is as SV Trident Star alive and well sailing Mediterranean waters.  Over those years I have looked forward to each and every posting in this owners group.  Anticipating a near term refit I turn to this brain trust for recommendations for a serious refit location.  I am looking to update the standing rigging, adding a stainless arch and davits, a possible repower, and upgrading the sail plan.  La Rochelle seems an obvious choice, but my sailing grounds are more focused on the eastern end of the Med, so looking for other options.  Looking for someone and somewhere I can be part of the process.  TIA.

Steve Hoefel
sv Trident Star
Maramu #25

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