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Alain Blanchard <akdf85@...>

Hello Steve,

I am quite new with Amel (I acquired my SM last November).

I had to replace some sidestays following the survey from Olivier Beaute. Since the boat was in La Grande Motte, I have asked « Vega Voile » to do the job.
My request was clearly for  ACMO manufacture that I confirmed several times by phone and/or e-mails.
When I came back to the boat after they completed the job, I discovered that they replaced the sidestays with Soromap VMG material. 
So For the standing rigging I could recommand Seanergie Nautic in Hyeres. I thing They are well known from Amel owners and they were some Euros below Vega Voile quote 
This is just my expérience in Med and maybe I am a single case with Vega Voile, but coincidentally there are some post at this time about standing rigging and the advantage with ACMO ....

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Le 11 avr. 2021 à 19:29, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> a écrit :

I always recommend:
Nicky’s Rigging & Marine Services
Mobile +356 79271668
Email. nickysail@...

Nicky has re-rigged a large number of my client's Amels. If you help him by simply handing him the pieces he requests, he will single-handedly complete your Amel in 2 days. His prices are reasonable and he will possibly fly to where your boat is. You can afford his travel expenses because he will be less than others. I suggest that you order a rigging kit from ACMO and make arrangements for Nicky to install it either in Malta or where you are.

Laetitia Boudon <laetitia@...>, +33 03 81 35 70 86
1 rue de couleu
25310 GLAY

You might also try Emek Marine in Gosheck, Turkey. I bought my solar arch from them. It was the first one they made for a SM. I believe about 70 Amel owners have also bought an arch from Emek. Riza <cagdas@...>

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On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 12:17 PM Steve Hoefel <shoefel48@...> wrote:
   For the past 19 years it has been my honor to care for a true Amel classic, Maramu #25.  She is as SV Trident Star alive and well sailing Mediterranean waters.  Over those years I have looked forward to each and every posting in this owners group.  Anticipating a near term refit I turn to this brain trust for recommendations for a serious refit location.  I am looking to update the standing rigging, adding a stainless arch and davits, a possible repower, and upgrading the sail plan.  La Rochelle seems an obvious choice, but my sailing grounds are more focused on the eastern end of the Med, so looking for other options.  Looking for someone and somewhere I can be part of the process.  TIA.

Steve Hoefel
sv Trident Star
Maramu #25

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