Re: ACMO v Kos Hama X rigging wire

Bill Kinney


There is no easy answer to "how long" for rigging.  The problem is that stainless steel can fail in ways that give absolutely no visual warning.  It can look perfect--right up until the rig fails. The idea that a visual inspection can "certify" a rig as good is just a total falsehood.  Certainly there ARE issues a visual inspection can find, but there are many more it can not.

Failures occur with increasing frequency with age, so there is no magic cutoff.  The "generally accepted" practice for rigging used in tropical salt water is a life span of 15 years.  Warmer, saltier, water (like the Gulf of Mexico or the Med) gives a shorter life.  Colder, fresher, water allows a longer lifespan.  Rig tuning, and the amount of sailing and the kind of sailing also factor in, but all in a very unquantifiable way.  We replaced our rig after 14 years, not because there was any indication of failure, but the consequences of failure are just too high.

I would specifically ask for BRONZE turnbuckles.  Chrome plated, if you prefer the shiny look.  They are just as strong as stainless, less susceptible to crevice corrosion, and most importantly, far less likely to "gall" and lock the threads with the stainless studs.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Hollywood, FL, USA

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