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Courtney Gorman

Joel do you have any recommendations about where to have this done? I have a year left before my rig is 15 and would like to plan ahead.

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Hello Laurens. Long time…
It is best to ask your insurance carrier what limitations of time are placed on your standing rigging. Most insurance companies that do state limitations usually require complete replacement at 15 years of age.
Many years ago as a teen ager, I worked as a rigger in Chicago where the boats come out of the water every fall and the top tier racing boats would always have the masts and rigging pulled for deep inspection and storage. I learned a lot from these experiences. The most important thing I learned is that regarding swaged rigging fittings, like the ones on your Amel 54,  they cannot be visually inspected to reliably determine their condition. While a cracked swage fitting means that the rigging has failed and must not be used, a swage fitting can be a day away from failing with no external indication. Why? The swage fails from internal corrosion that generally cannot be seen until a failure has occurred. Again, an incipient failure may not be visible even moments before a total failure.
It is for this reason that I recommend that offshore cruising sailing yachts use mechanical end fittings such as Sta-Lok .
These fittings are actually stronger than the wire they are applied to and, importantly, they do not retain moisture internally which causes the failure of swage fittings. Sta-Lok fittings are stronger and more durable than swage fittings and that is a verifiable fact. Even if your insurance provider does not have time limitations on your current rigging, I would not have sailed my Amel boats I have owned with rigging even a day older than 15 years and I would always replace it with mechanical end fittings.
I do not work for Sta-Lok nor any of their agents.
Say hello to Rineke. Have fun with your Amel!  
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