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Hi Bill,


Thanks for feedback.


Just out of curiosity: what would motivate AMEL to change the ONAN impeller pump to the (ceramic centrifugal) booster pump? I am not questioning wisdom and must admit that except 1 occasion I never had a problem with this pump and NEVER had to change the impeller as it simply isn’t there. Although the impeller on the ONAN is far more accessible than on my VOLVO D3 H – where it is on the back of the engine close to the shower bulkhead.


Best Regards Teun

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I like and I have the utmost respect for Brian. 


Remember there are other 230VAC pumps/devices this low. They include:

AC Saltwater Pump

LP water maker pump (not on your 54 where it is located on all 54s built). The PO of your 54 changed out the Dessalator Watermaker for another brand.

HP water maker pump (not on your 54 where it is located on all 54s built)

Wiring for the water heater


The 230VAC pump you have in-line with the Onan mechanical saltwater pump is considered a booster pump and was a "hidden" option Amel installed in a few 54s.


The danger would be an electrical shock if standing in your engine room with the generator running and the engine room is flooded. How possible do you consider this? Yes, there is a remote possibility, but the same possibility exists with the other 230 volt devices in a 54 engine room.

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On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 12:35 PM Teun BAAS <teun@...> wrote:

On AMELIT, June 2009 AMEL 54 # 128, I have an 220v electric water pump which was an AMEL original installed option with the ONAN impeller removed and now an open cavity.


Several people (including Bill ROUSE) suggested to have both the electric pump as well as the original ONAN impeller operating jointly and when I looked into doing this in 2018 in NEW CALEDONIA and again in 2019 in VANUATU both marine technician strongly advised against doing this.


Being on the hard in COOMERA, QLND AUSTRALIA since December 2019 fellow AMEL owners Sue & Brian MITCHELL (in addition very experienced, professional Superyachts Captains) have been looking after AMELIT and we have been discussing several engine room related issues. This electric ONAN pump is one of them and Brian, rightfully, is wondering why a 220v pump is: A) being used and B) so low on the floor of the engine room.


Does anybody have any feedback on this as I simply don’t know so cannot answer his question or justify the set up.


Best Regards Teun

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