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Randal I would say your problem is almost certainly stuck brushes in the motor. I have had the same thing on my SM several times. It is caused by an accumulation of carbon dust from wear of the brushes. The sm has a method to mechanically replace the out haul motor system.



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On 14 April 2021 at 05:26 Randall Walker <sailingalbedo@...> wrote:

Hello All,. An easy fix on the original SM motor which had easy access to the brushes. Some morors hae to be dismantled to access the brushes.



I have just completed a Solo Sail from Gibraltar to Grenada. My first Solo.
Departed 7 March arrived 10 April 3930 nm there is a few extra miles due to fussy wind and just going with the flow at night. What stopped working a few things but I will only ask today about the boom outhaul, it stopped after week number 2 so for the most part I left it out about a third and made use of the mizzen and Genoa.
What is happening? mast furler works fine. when I push in or out on the BH (boom haulout) I hear a loud click at the breaker but the motor doesn't turn. So I believe up to the motor I'm OK.
I arrivedĀ on the night of the 10th all is well I decide to just sail through the night at a slow pace and enter in the morning. I awoke just before sunup to find I need to let out some more headsail. But something looks odd the bottom of the sail has sripes. So I go out to look, it is still dark and I think why is there so much polution coming from the island? Then I look at my hands and there covered in soot. I didn't think of the volcano. When I finnaly anchored I heard the news.
They have been busy down here running suppies up and people down this way.
I am glad to hear that it is messy and dirty but all are OK.

So in another quest for knowlege about other things I need to learn.
I will get back to you.


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