Re: ACMO rigging - unusual failure

Ian Park

Thank you for sharing your expertise. As a non engineer I learn so much from this group.
It also 'jogged' me back to the recent discussion on plastic tube covering on stays.
I remember on my previous boat, a Jeanneau 37, that it had these plastic sleeves. Every so often I would slide them up a few feet and they would always deposit an appreciable amount of dirty rusty water on a nice white deck as well as leaving the link into the swages very dirty. I cut them off and decided not use them again. I was interested in your comment that stainless steel needs oxygen to prevent rusting. I'm now guessing that the retention of water by these sleeves, especially down at the important junction with the seats may be an argument for not having them on the rigging?
I will also start having a closer check on my Genoa sheet carriers!!
Thank you for taking the time to give us your detailed insight.

Best Wishes


Ocean Hobo SN96 UK (Wales)

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