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Hello Nicolas. I have never had a need to contact or work with ACMO but I know plenty of people who have who praise them uniformly with the possible exception of the time it takes to get an order fulfilled. Good people are always the busiest…


I know that ACMO offers mechanical end fittings at a substantial markup over swages. In my opinion they are more than worth  it. I have never seen or heard of a mechanical fitting that failed without outside provocation.


As I have mentioned, I used to be a rigger as a teenager and qualified for the job only because I weighed 75 LBS. and I could be put up to the masthead easier than anyone else. I was too young to know I would die one day so I fearlessly/stupidly engaged in antics that could have brought that moment in time sooner rather than later. I did learn a lot from very experienced adults in the shop. I have a great appreciation for riggers that know their stuff and practice it professionally.


I have been providing clients to Roger and Nance and Underwood rigging here in Fort Lauderdale almost since I sold my first Amel 40 years ago. I echo the praise they get on this owners group because they deeply deserve it. I have never had a dissatisfied customer that Nance and Underwood assisted. They are not the ones for you as they are an ocean away.


As you search for solutions to your rigging challenges, talk to everyone who will listen to you. Find a group of professional riggers who earn your confidence and have buckets full of people who recommend them. In my more than four decades of selling offshore cruising yachts exclusively, I have learned many of the most important things to keep in mind. First, keep the water on the outside of the boat. All of it. Second, don’t ever lose your steering. Ever. Third, having your rig come down will wreck your day and might even kill you.


Good luck with your rigging.


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Hello Joel
As my boat is already 16yo (2005) I’m actively looking at re rigging it.I will certainly follow Bill’s advice to use ACMO but having had a look at your link on mechanical end fittings from « Stalok » , I would like to ask you if they can be fitted to ACMO rigging . When ordering the rigging one would have to mention that one is using it’s own fittings ? How would it work then ?
best regards
Nicolas Klene
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