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Patrick McAneny

Paul, I took out the nav station seat and installed a good size portable freezer in it's place. We spent six months in the Caribbean ,actually while you were there and it worked out very well. It did not seem to run that ,kept everything frozen solid and was very easy to access . The height was good to sit on ,a little bit of a squeeze to get your feet in under the desk ,but once in very .comfortable .
Good Luck,
Pat & Diane
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Preparing for our next extended trip, and thinking of an additional portable freezer. We have the front opens fridge, the top opens fridge freezer, used as a fridge under the salon sofa, and a custom built freezer where the dish washer used to be +/- 35 liters. On a long trip far away from supermarkets a large freezing capacity would be handy. I can turn the small freezer (dishwasher place) to a fridge and then use the top opening fridge freezer as fridge, but that would give rather limited fridge capacity. Has anyone experience using a portable freezer in tropical climate? Does it works,  any recommendations? were did you store it?
Paul on AY Kerpa SM#259, Lagos Portugal

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