Re: ACMO and mechanical end fittings

Craig Briggs

Per ACMO quote today: 
Swaged top terminations and mechanical bottoms - add 356Euros / $425 US to the all-swaged price
Mechanical fittings top and bottom - add 728Euros / $870 to all-swaged price.

This is for the SN, so SM would be somewhat more. Base total price all-swaged is 5742Euros. Add VAT for EU (none for USA). Shipping per country - 1800 by air to US (2 weeks transit time), 900 by sea (minimum 1 month). About 175 to Italy, as I recall from 2010.

ACMO says their mechanical fittings are essentially the Norseman design but are manufactured by ACMO at their factory.
Cheers, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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