Re: ACMO and mechanical end fittings

Juan de Zulueta

I have done my rigging of my SM 5 years ago with Russo.
They are very professional.
I am satisfied from the job done.

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Juan de Zulueta
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Le 14 avr. 2021 à 14:54, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> a écrit :

WDI is the German supplier of stainless steel wire to ACMO. More info here:

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On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 1:27 PM Eloi Bamberg <eloi.bamberg@...> wrote:
Hello Victor,
I had the same answer from Amel in Hyeres. Seanergie is the new name of a company named "Rousseau" before. They are well known round here and I think they did a lot of Amels. After some phone calls with them I decided to go with them (appointment in July) . They use Acmo hardware and do there own crimping with cables from WDI from Germany. 

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