Re: New LiFePO4 Batteries for Aquarius

Matt & Michelle Day, SM#208 SV Talia


Very much appreciate the lead.  

Shipping/Customs/trans ship/etc to the US is $1267.  So, all in door-to-door we would be at $5512 for a set of 3.  I have been looking at Victron LiFePO4's.  The Victron set was quoted at $11k on the east coast of the US (full 8-battery set replacement....yeah I know that is capacity overkill). It appears to be great value for money for the batteries if the construction is up to snuff.

I asked Joey for additional data to satisfy my nerd brain before I will pull the trigger: internal construction layout, wire gauges, solder/mech connections, separation and damping, venting, low temp disconnect, and BMS make/model.  Will share when he gets back to me.

SV Talia

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