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Randall Walker

The best swap video I have seen is this one.

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Morning Arno,



As we have discussed “ad nausea” – I tend to agree; my impeller is completely removed.

I have asked specific questions to AMEL on this and expect an answer next week and might share the feedback



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Best Regards Teun

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Hi Teun,

We’ve talked about this before. I just don’t get it. What is the added value of this setup? Why is the existing impeller pump not sufficient for feeding cooling water? 95% of the Amels (I’m guessing) has this set up and seem to be fine with it. Unless you remove the impeller pump completely, it will still be a source of (shaft) leakage at some point. The only thing I can imagine is if you use the genset frequently at continuous high loads you may want to improve the flow. In all honesty I would then enlarge the heat exchanger as the mickey-mouse version that is standard part of the genset seems to leave quite some room for improvement.
Adding another pump seems just to complicate things.

Just my two cents,

SV Luna

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