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Arno, I agree completely. I watched this video about 2 years ago. This video is a perfect example of what NOT to do and a perfect example of how to compare an Amel-designed system to another. Amel designs things that are difficult to operate incorrectly. I call this child-proof design. The complicated system shown in this video has the risk of many built-in possible operation issues and operator failures, like the failure to set a valve correctly or the failure of dozens of added parts.

Obviously, the owner of the boat enjoys over-complicating things and enjoys tinkering with his boat and its systems. My comments are not to criticize him, but rather to use what he has done as an example of what not to do. Can you imagine if you just bought this boat from him? Would you completely understand the operation of what he has installed and the risks with setting a valve wrong and the risks with failure? I am sure that this is not the first thing he has modified.

One-way valve installed before the seawater filter:

More, also notice the flow sensor is orientated so that debris falls into the sensor
This was probably an afterthought because it wasn't there when he first showed the completed project. 
He just added further complications and increased the risk of something going wrong.

I urge all Amel owners to restrain themselves from this type of overcomplication. Especially because if you simply change the Onan impeller every 250 hours and do it correctly with an OEM impeller, you will not experience losing impeller parts into the heat exchanger. Also, the heat exchanger should probably be removed and completely cleaned every 1500 hours.

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On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 3:54 AM Arno Luijten <arno.luijten@...> wrote:
Nice video. However.... It passes very quickly over the main problem of this setup. The Marco pump is not self priming. He puts a non-return valve in the circuit that typically work quite poorly for raw sea-water. The system does not notify you if the waterflow needs priming so that can be quite annoying as well.
I’m not sure how long a normal impeller will last but if it lasts a boating season or an oil-replacement interval I don’t see the advantage of this solution. A spare impeller is cheaper then a spare pump and even the Sharewood raw water pump is not that expensive to keep as a spare.


Arno Luijten
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