5 piece stuffing box

Eric Freedman

I didn’t want to confuse the group, but I have had a 5-ring stuffing box for years.

The only modification that I made besides making the stuffing box taller is I made it wider. On my stuffing box there is an L shaped stainless-steel plate to hold the nut in place. While under way it is difficult to remove the two screws that hold the plate in place. By making the stuffing box in a wider diameter, and a longer L shaped plate I can easily remove the plate and tighten the nut a bit.

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I think when you have a problem with the stuffing box, it is less likely to be the nut than the box itself. The spares you need are the packing material and this: take a stuffing box nut, wrap the threads in teflon tape, immerse it up to the top of the threads in a resin/hardener mix in a circular mold with the nut hole sealed, and voila- you have a 20 mm stuffing box penthouse to attach to the top of your stripped old stuffing box. Holds 5 rings of material and can be installed in the water (just don't take that last ring out). Three screws and 5200 work well to attach; just let it set before pounding down the material.

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