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Paul Harries

I too would be very interested in this information

On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 4:56, Julia Sloman
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Greetings all


My husband and I are looking for a boat to complete a circumnavigation and are familiar with SMs having crewed on one extensively. While recognising that the primary function of this forum is for existing owners to share suggestions about your vessels, we would be very grateful if any of you are happy to share your thoughts with us about factors to consider with an A55 compared to a 54 or SM - sailing / comfort performance, layout, reliability, energy consumption, storage etc. The A55s that are within our budget are closer to the early end of the release so we would also be interested to learn about any major changes from the initial hulls. 


One of the themes that is often quoted about Amels is that they have a much better level of resilience through manual overrides and availability of manual systems / less dependence on high tech solutions than other blue water cruising boats; can anyone give us some specific examples of these on an Amel 55? We are trying to understand whether it is that these systems come as standard on an Amel whereas they may only be options in other Bluewater cruisers (eg dual autopilots), or whether there are some elements of the Amel 55’s design for resilience that are very hard to replicate / instal later in another brand.


We can see that the majority of discussion on this forum is from SM and A54 owners - are many of the discussions also relevant to A55 owners, or has everything changed so much that lots of the discussions won’t apply in the case of an A55? 


If there is a pre-existing thread on this topic (we couldn’t find one), please let us know! We have seen Chris Beeson’s A55 review on YouTube which was helpful. We are very happy to receive private replies instead of ones directed to you all if this forum is not the place for general discussion on this topic, or alternatively, we will trust the moderator to remove our post :-).


Many thanks for your thoughts!


Julia Sloman

Hopefully soon-to-be Amel owner

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