Holding tank mystery

Thomas Kleman

I noticed after our 17 day rather rough ride between Oahu and FP that my aft head flushes very slowly. OK, no big problem (not my first rodeo), so change the hoses (clogged), use my drill driven auger on the fitting and.......only about 50 pct better and not nearly the speed of the bow head. Next I break out the medieval tools, pipes I've sharpened and cut to length and I can now make contact with the top of the holding tank from the bottom of the fitting (with a big pipe)...ie. there is no blockage. Better, but still not overly fast. New macerator motor, new hoses, no blockage in fitting......not sure what to do next. If I damaged the copper pipe fitting on its way up to the top of the tank, it wouldn't effect flush speed (I think ?)

Thomas Kleman
Maraa, Tahiti

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