Re: New LiFePO4 Batteries for Aquarius

Scott SV Tengah

That's a fantastic deal and far less than what I paid for my Victron batteries. If mine ever die I might consider this manufacturer after some more research.

A few things I paid attention to when setting up my system and I noticed here, that might help those of you designing your systems for longevity:

1) For this battery, the recommended charge current is 50-80amps for each 300AH. That's around .16 x Capacity to .26C. Keep that in mind when sizing your chargers. Victron recommends 0.5C, so with my 450AH system, I am running 200 amps of charging into it, below Victron's recommended limit. Battle Born recommends 0.5C also. With an equivalent 450AH system from this manufacturer, it seems you should not have more than 75-120amps of charging. Not a big deal but it will definitely increase your generator runtimes if you don't have enough solar/wind.

2) The maximum continuous recommended discharge current is 0.66C whereas Victron recommends 2.0C. Battle Born recommends 1.0C. For most uses, this is not a concern but be aware if you're maxing out a 5kw inverter and running your water maker, that is nearly 225amps. We have done that on occassion.

3) Someone really should ask or better yet, test to see what happens at low and high voltage cutoff. Does it completely disconnect the offending 3.3v cell and if so, how does that affect bank voltage? Or does one offending cell disconnect 8 cells so that your voltage is not affected? Perhaps it does what Victron does and turn off charging, but leaves the battery connected? This is important because I have definitely gotten a few high voltage cutoffs on my system in the last 2 years. You don't want to find out that the BMS cuts all your power off in the middle of a storm in the event of a relatively common high voltage disconnect.

4) I know Victron's low voltage cutoff strategy is to disconnect the load, not something I would like to happen in a storm. I don't deal with low voltage disconnect the way Victron wants me to, rather relying on the generator to come on and raise the voltage. What is the response in this system?

FYI Mastervolt has even higher charge and discharge limits, so I don't think my system is the "most robust". I do know that MV is much more expensive than Victron and it is what it is, but it's important to respect those limits. I cannot imagine Victron/MV is less conservative with their ratings compared to Chinese retailers, so it probably has to do with the internal connections.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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