Re: Bow Thruster Will Not Lower


Your model bow thruster has analog switching controls vs later model bow thrusters. 

There are many possibilities. It is most likely that you have a wiring connection issue or a micro-switch issue. CorrosionX is your friend and should be used at each connection. This is going to require testing everything in the bow thruster control circuit beginning with the Power switch & Up/Down toggle to the wiring and switching controlling the bow thruster actuator motor, and possibly the actuator itself. A person with average to good electrical skills can probably find the issue. If you have done anything that could have possibly caused this, check that first.

The following is a snippet of a page in my Amel Book showing the Micro Switch which is inside the aluminum control box.


Aluminum control box in green and actuator motor in red:
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On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 9:17 AM Azimuth via <> wrote:
We have a 1996 Santorin, which we have owned for 4 years. Recently, when we were leaving a marina, the bow thruster would not lower. We had just come into the marina 2-3 weeks prior and there had been no issue with the thruster. We tested all of the electrical connections and there is power going to all. Also, it will beep when the toggle is switched to the "up" position, indicating that the thruster is all of the way up. It just doesn't move at all when the toggle is switched the the "down" position. We are preparing to haul out in a few days and remove the thruster for maintenance. In the meantime, can anyone think of anything else we can check? We've looked through the documents and topics in this group and couldn't find this specific issue. 

Stephen and Lisa
s/v Azimuth

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