Re: wind sensor

Matt & Michelle Day, SM#208 SV Talia


During our recent B&G conversion I wanted to save the wind instrument and depth sounder, until I could do the rigging change and haul out.  Bill was incredibly helpful in providing guidance on the 183 pinout.  I looked into a NMEA0183 to NMEA2K converter, and spoke to two different suppliers.  Feedback from both suppliers was the same, "No guarantees the Hydra2000 output to NMEA0183, would be recognized on NMEA2K."   At that point I changed gears, saved the cost of a converter and went full NMEA2K.  The sensor is dumb and needs the Hydra to output a useable signal. 

I also started down the path of pulling the masts to do the rigging change.  Its a mechanical system, I'm an engineer (new to Amels), can't be that big of a deal!  I spent several weeks talking to riggers, Bill and the past owners about the rigging change.  Then I spent a couple of weeks doing the electronics refit.  After the advice and exploring the guts of this boat, I would have a very difficult time suggesting the rig come down.  Make sure you do your research and don't let anyone convince you that the only way to change the standing rig is to dismast the boat.  My cost went down, when I found a rigger whom understood it can be done in-place.

SV Talia

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