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Scott SV Tengah


Yes, I changed the wire out to dyneema. Very good upgrade. I think Simpson wanted 4000 GBP for it and it cost me 100 euros to simply change it.

Of course at the end of the davit where the line makes a 90 degree turn, there's a sheave. Perhaps yours is well worn or binding?

To access the motor/gearbox on mine, you just remove the small allen bolts on the forward (in relation to the boat) portion of the davits. On our electric davits, you remove four quite large screws from underneath the arm and the motor/gearbox bracket comes right out. Sadly, I've had to fix it more times than I care to mention.


On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 12:28 PM Denis Foster <deniswfoster@...> wrote:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply. Did you change from wire to dyneema? 

I feel but can t see that one of the sheaves inside has friction that our ordinary weight is not sufficient to overcome.

I can t find a diagram view of the mechanism in our Series 7 Simpson Davits

BTW great information from your social media.

Best regards


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