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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Paul;


We have had our 54 for about 6 years. We have not had any issues, other than the normal maintenance related items, with our 110, so far. We had the same concerns at the time of purchase, as you do now. Our research indicated that a handful of the 54s have had issues with their D3-110 with some of these being major, needing engine replacement, as you may have seen in this forum. Our research  was also confirmed by our surveyor Olivier, that has been involved with Amels for over 30 years.


This did not sway our decision as we felt that the Amel and especially the 54, represented such a uniquely qualified boat for our purposes, that even the potential for an engine replacement, would not have affected our decision to move forward.


Our initial decision has been reinforced throughout our 6 year ownership and have been more and more impressed by the design every year.





Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

Amel 54 #099


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As a prospective buyer of a 54 I am anxious about all the negative comments online about the Volvo D3. Could you place this in context for me? Is this a bad engine with limited life? Are problems common place? Is it reliable?
Anyone had to replace engine, if so with what and at what cost.
The problem with the internet is that problems tend to be magnified and reliability is under reported.
I just want to place my anxiety in context.


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