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The Volvo D3 is a good engine.

I believe that there were more failures with the D3 than the previous engines installed in Amels, but there is no empirical data on this, just anecdotal. I think most of the failures were due to the fact that the D3 was Volvo Penta's first Common Rail Sensor & Computer-controlled diesel engine. This was not only a challenge for owners but also for Volvo and Volvo technicians. There was a learning curve for everyone. For instance, years ago most of us did not realize that an oil-soaked turbo boost sensor could not only cause rpm and power problems but left uncorrected could eventually cause serious damage to the engine.

As with anything, the more features, devices, and components one adds to a product, the more complicated it becomes, and the risk of failure increases. However, the Volvo D3 owners can be assured that the D3 is a much cleaner burning diesel engine that will help save the planet.

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On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 9:10 AM Paul Harries via <> wrote:
As a prospective buyer of a 54 I am anxious about all the negative comments online about the Volvo D3. Could you place this in context for me? Is this a bad engine with limited life? Are problems common place? Is it reliable?
Anyone had to replace engine, if so with what and at what cost.
The problem with the internet is that problems tend to be magnified and reliability is under reported.
I just want to place my anxiety in context.

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