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Porter McRoberts

I’d be happy to speak to you off line if you wish. 

In short we bought a 54. The furlers were a problem and we changed them, and the VD3-110 died. We replaced the engine.   Would I buy the boat again?  Absolutely yes. It’s an amazing machine. Even with the original furlers, knowing what I now know, I might not have needed to change them. Re the engine I agree with Bill R completely. Now we have a D3-110 “H” model. Like Teun. Great engine. But as the D3-“C”motor ages, it proves its genetics: sound or faulty. Ours died a relatively early death. 

The A54 is wonderful. Amazing actually. We’re about 24k NM into our love affair. Heading to Fiji soon for another 2k. We’ve been on all sorts of other boats, cool in their own ways. 55s, 64s Gunboats, leopards, everything. I’ve not been tempted to have another boat. I’d have either a SM or a 54 all over again. ( I do have a slight weakness for a Farr 60 pilot house). Or the new Amel 50, if I was around a lot of orcas. 😄. 

Don’t be turned away. These boats are simply incredibly designed. The culmination of decades of nautical head scratching and millions of miles. Built to be single handed by a blind guy in the worst conditions. Wife and kid approved and loved as well.  Get one!

Best of luck. 

Porter McRoberts 
S/V IBIS A54-152

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I replaced the VOLVO D3 110iC in 2018 with the VOLVO D3 110iH


Pls contact me directly ( teun@... ) and I will explain.


Best Regards Teun

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As a prospective buyer of a 54 I am anxious about all the negative comments online about the Volvo D3. Could you place this in context for me? Is this a bad engine with limited life? Are problems common place? Is it reliable?
Anyone had to replace engine, if so with what and at what cost.
The problem with the internet is that problems tend to be magnified and reliability is under reported.
I just want to place my anxiety in context.


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