Re: Volvo D3

Courtney Gorman

Never stranded sometimes perplexed.  I am right now trying to source an air boost sensor for my Penta D3 without it I am stuck with 2500 RPM as opposed to 3000 RPM however I rarely if ever cruise above 2200 RPM. The big issue is Amel used a different sensor than most Volvo engines so now I am searching for the right part.In the meantime I keep cruising.

On Apr 21, 2021, at 7:09 PM, Paul Harries via <Pharries@...> wrote:

Thanks to you all
Did any of you have the D3 leave you stranded? What is appx cost of replacing the D3.

And Porter, I hope you get to the Cook Islands. On my previous round the world trip Aitutaki was the absolute high point, back then it was undeveloped,  I gather it is now a high class island resort. 

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