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Patrick McAneny

Based on your recommendation ,I contacted  Bob at Trident . We had a good conversation for about 20 minutes or so,he sent me an application ,which we filled out ,scanned and sent back to him. That was 13 days ago and I have not heard a peep from him. After a few days passed I emailed him and asked him to confirm that he received the app., no response ,a few days later , I called his office,the secretary said she would have him return my call,no call back, yesterday I emailed him again , stating that I had sent the app. called once and emailed twice and that I had not gotten any response from him . Obviously I am done with him and will not deal with him , I can't imagine the response if I had a claim.
I had mentioned ,that I did not like the restrictive policy I presently have ,that may have been a deal breaker for him . I just wished he had told me to F/off ,rather than waste my time filling out forms and emailing . 
Insurance is becoming a major issue that may deter many people from getting involved in cruising,which is a bad thing for all .
Good Luck,
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Kent,

I am not doing so well.  After giving me a very good quote, Travelers sent a policy that was limited to coast sailing and had much restricted navigation dates.  So far, Trident has not fixed this, so I am again looking for insurance.
I look forward to seeing you and Iris this summer.
sm 216, SY Ladybug, still in Martinique

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