Re: Raspberry Pi

Billy Newport

I have a Pi 4 on my 55. I added a yachtd NMEA-2K to Wifi bridge. This allows my PI to sniff all NMEA data on the furuno N2K backdone. I have an RTL/433Mhz dongle on my PI. This collects temperature/humidity readings from the cabins/engine room/diesel heater return/frigoboat compressors/fridges/freezeers. 433Mhz is key here as it's dirt cheap for sensors (10 bucks US each).
I store all the data in a time series database (influxdb) using telemetry/node red to do that. I am using grafana to build dashboards.
The yachtd Wifi bridge also lets me create NMEA events so I am able to send non NMEA data above back to NMEA to visualize on the Furuno plotters.
This is still a work in progress. I am looking at using signal k to "standardize" the above also. With the price of cheap tablets, it'd be easy to add such tablets around the boat to look at the various dashboards that can be built.

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