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Can you eleaborate on what the Amel laptop option is.

Vito Ciaravino
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Dear Hanspeter,

I have on my SM an inverter installed that supplies both the
TV/Video and a
plug for the laptop at the chart table. Amel has very cleverly
installed a
plug/switch system and I can plug the systems directly to the shore
in order
not to use the inverter if I wish . As the loads of the laptop are
low you
can also supply a laptop in the front cabin.

I had the Amel laptop option which is excellent but I am wondering
what do
you plan to do for the installation of the laptop in the front
cabin. The
next project will be a wireless lan I am studying it right now,


S/Y Alma Libre <>

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Can anyone tell me how he installed his notebook in terms of the
supply. I need to connect 2 notebooks; one in a drawer under the
radar and
one in the foreward cabin for the children.
Is a e.g. 200 W converter (12V/220V the right choise. Were do you
the 12 V, maybe from the television panel? Is a converter 24V to
availabal on the market. I did not found one so far in Switzerland.
Hanspeter Baettig

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