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“wholly independent and presently boasts a majority of local shareholders.

Netherlands currently serves the insurance needs of over 3,000 individuals, families and businesses in Grenada and Antigua and is well known for quick, efficient service and prompt settlement of claims”.

This quote from their website gives me pause. They also say that they are reinsured by a London Based company without naming the name.  If I were reinsured by Lloyds, I would certainly mention it. They have 3,000 clients on 2 islands. They also provide homeowners insurance  , and auto.

They are funded by mostly local investors.

I would be skeptical of their claims process and experience in Insuring offshore vessels. I certainly would not want to wind up like Alexandre of Nikimat.

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Hi Eric;


We’re having the same insurance issues for the Med. I contacted Netherlands Insurance today and received a quick response with application forms to fill, which I have sent back. Here’s the link to their contact website and contact information:


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Mohammad and Aty

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Hi Bill.

Also, what is their contact info?

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Bill can you please share their contact information 


On Apr 22, 2021, at 10:22 PM, william reynolds <sail23692@...> wrote:

We reinsured  last year with Netherlands Insurance, based in Grenada with offices in Holland. NO underwriters. They are the carriers, insurers and underwriters.

They have insured large international commercial vessels for many years and have only recently offered policies to recreational vessels. They have no history with hurricane losses.We visited their offices on Well St. in Grenada and we were impressed with the professionalism of the company.  The rates  are a bit higher but  the coverage is excellent with 2  million liability, 10% of insured value for personal effects and no exclusion for lightning strikes. The deductible is fixed at 2% and 4% (yes that's 4%) for named storms. Navigational limits are worldwide!  

It's well worth looking into.

Bill Reynolds

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